Anupamaa: Baa gets jealous of Anupama

Television 06 Oct 2022

Baa does the Kanya Puja for Arya and then feeds her honey. Anu asks her why did she deliver honey and Baa tells that it’s because Arya can’t eat strong food as she’s nonetheless a infant. Kinjal compliments Anu and Arya and Kavya agrees. Meenu asks for the items and Baa offers presents to her, Anu and Arya. Anu asks Baa why did she deliver less money.

Baa gets indignant and asks her to invite for cash from her dad as he has loads of cash. Toshu emotionally watches Pakhi pampering Arya. Baa gets excited about the Garba opposition the following day and says Kinjal and Toshu will win the best jodi. Vanraj asks her to assume and talk. Kinjal refuses to come back to the Garba event if Toshu arrives. Samar, Bapuji and Rakhi also trust the identical. Anupama decides all people besides Toshu will visit the event. 

He decides to head regardless of what. The next day, Baa receives indignant seeing Kinjal ready for the event however refused Toshu to attend the occasion. Vanraj asks her not to deliver that subject matter up. Toshu cries in the park looking at Arya’s pix and thinks nobody is understanding his ache. Shahs visit the event and get surprised to peer that Anuj and Anupama are the chief guests. Baa gets irritated and Samar asks Pakhi to prevent speakme negatively. Anuj admires Anupama. Sheela and Chanda compliment Arya and question Kinjal if she isn’t participating inside the competition with Toshu, which makes her angry. Sheela and Chanda then compliment Anu which angers Baa and she or he angrily asks Anupama if she came here to grow to be a celebrity. Anuj tells they need to spend time with every body. Adhik, Ankush and Barkha input and Baa receives livid. Toshu receives angry and jealous seeing each person taking part in. The host praises Anuj and Anupama. She calls Baa to come to gather her award which leaves Baa in rage as she recalls giving an award to Anupama last 12 months.

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