Taarak apologises to Anjali

Television 20 Jan 2022

Anjali says that she excuses Taarak. Everybody hails. Bhide ridicules Popatlal. Taarak is all acclaim for Anjali. Anjali says that she will make adjusted food. Taarak apologizes to everybody and asks them not to uncover to anybody that this was each of the a dramatization. To recover Gokuldham's picture, Popatlal advises everybody that he needs to distribute reality with regards to Taarak. At the point when Taarak asks him not to do as such, the men of society start to prod him. They all have a relaxed discussion.

Afterward, Taarak and Anjali apologize to each other and participate in a beautiful conversation. At the point when they are embracing, Jethalal enters, concerned, and asks about the 'Karela apparition'. Taarak requests that Anjali tell him, and Anjali inclinations Taarak to uncover. Jethalal becomes disturbed. Taarak then, at that point, portrays the entire story of the Karela phantom to Jethalal.

Tapu Sena apologizes to Bapuji and praises him on his foreknowledge in revealing reality for them. Jethalal gets back and asserts that he was chastised by Bapuji in view of Tapu Sena. Tapu Sena apologizes to him and gets back to bed. Baagha calls Bapuji, Jethalal answers the call. They talk about the gathering and the Karela Ghost.

Anjali requests that Taarak apologize to Karela. She reminds her significant other that he needs to manage his chief, whom he frightened prior. Taarak says that he will come up with a rationalization to his chief. He calls him to illuminate that all is well and he will get back to the workplace the following day. At the point when Taarak's supervisor requests that he remain at home, he uncovers that the karela apparition was a show and weaves one more story to persuade him.

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